Hey guys,
Here is our new favorite map: Backboard. You may notice some interesting things in it.
We have a bunch of new features and changes that I will quickly outline below!

New Map “Backboard”

First off you die when you reach the edge of the screen, this works kind of like Super Smash Bros or Speedrunners, where the edge of the camera dictates death.
Secondly we have environmental effects in the map now. Walls line the top and bottom allowing you to throw your opponents into the death zone in the center. Both of these play heavily into our next new mechanic which is damage.

New Walls



At the bottom of the screen there is a damage tracker. This lets you know how much damage you have and hard you will be stunned on a hit. The number inside of the circle is how many points you have to spend on your abilities. If your at 100% damage don’t go into the death zone!

Damage Meter

We will be posting a new build of the game on Gamejolt next week so keep an eye out!

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