Grapple Ship Is Unleashed On The New demo!

Hey guys!

I would like to introduce our brand new ship you can try out right now!

It introduces an ability we have wanted to get in for a long time, the Grappling Hook! You can use it to grab an opponent and hit them or stun them with you electrified rope. Its great for setting up traps or making daring escapes, we can’t wait to hear what you guys think of it!

We have also added some new UI features and a new game mode this week on top of the new menus we showcased last week.

Firstly we have our new mode: Supremacy

Set a time limit and find out who is best by keeping your score the highest!
In supremacy all players start with 100 points. Getting kills raises this, dying lowers it. We really love playing this mode because its very clear who is winning, thus who you need to take down from the throne.

Secondly I’d like to introduce factions:
In Collidalot five faction duel for the right of the Galactic Throne. We are finally introducing them into the game for the first time. They are
The Assembly
The Umbral
The Withdrawn
The Tempest
The Corsair

Each faction has their own ship that is on their flag
As we add more to the game we will flesh out their stories and personalities

Finally he have implemented some UI improvements as well.

A bright flash emits from the player that is in first, followed by a ring that stays on him until he is wrangled into second. We have also placed a crown over the player in first’s damage indicator. To better indicate when you can use your special move we have put a blue light that turns on when you have enough points to unleash it.

Finally we have improved the AI so they all use their special abilities!
Finally Id like to ask that you try out all the new stuff now and let us know what you think.
Specifically we would like top know:
How the new ship feel (balance and fun)
How supremacy feels
If the new UI is clear and communicates what its designed to
Of course, if there are any bugs we need to squash

Here is our full change log:
Collidalot v0.3

  • Lance now has a new model and texture
  • Lance now applies more force when hitting someone with its special
  • Added new ship: Grapple
    ===General Gameplay===
  • You can no longer receive more than one ability point per won collision
  • Added speed options when starting a game
  • Added ability to select old maps when starting a game
  • Added ability to have an all AI match
    ===Game Modes===
  • Added new game mode: Supremacy
  • Damage UI is now tinted red and shakes when a player receives damage
  • Added new menus
  • Added a flash when a player enters first place
  • Added a ring around a ship when it is in first place
  • Added a crown above a player’s damage rating when they are in first place
  • When dead, a player’s damage rating becomes a skull
  • Temporarily removed flags from background islands for performance reasons
    Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed wormhole not applying force to ships that pass through its special
  • Fixed Wormhole and Thorn specials not cancelling correctly
  • fixed AI not avoiding death zones on the new maps
  • Fixed AI not using their specials
  • Fixed mouse control issues that prevented navigation
  • Fixed issue with the silhouette shade flipping the screen

Thanks guys and have fun!


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