Return of the Dev Blog!

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a while. Some things have changed since last time we posted an update but let’s get to what has been keeping us busy lately.


We received approval from Nintendo of America for Switch access, so we jumped at the opportunity to get Collidalot on there! Right now, we are finalizing development of Collidalot and porting it over to Switch. When that’s all done, we’ll have some more testing to complete and then send it off to Nintendo for all final validations/approvals. Until that happens, we can’t say exactly when the game will launch, but we know that it definitely happen this year.

Dev Blog posts will happen more regularly now and if you want to see a short peek at Collidalot’s upcoming trailer, our Twitter is where to look. Collidalot has its own Facebook page and the company Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, and even LinkedIn are all up and running as well under the alias of @grunkamunka so please feel free to show us some love.

Looking forward to showing you more of Collidalot soon!




Twitter                                   Instagram

Soundcloud                             LinkedIn

Facebook Company Page         Facebook Game Page

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