GoNintendo – Collidalot announced for release on Switch

From GoNintendo.com:

GoNintendo - Announced

Collidalot will make you feel like gladiators in cyberpunk infused Mad Max arenas. Grab the wheel of jet powered hover cars, grinding and slamming their way to domination.Features:

Easy to pick up arcade action

Grab some friends and challenge them to quick action packed matches or challenge the AI to battle in single player. Pure arcade gameplay invites players of all skill levels to have a blast.

High Impact Combat

Master the ability to grind and jump like no other game. Feel the force of your hits as you send your rivals careening off the map to their doom.

Unpredictable Special Abilities

Unleash lacerating special abilities that have been tailor designed to make every ship feel unique.

Must use Controllers only at the moment.


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