Officially Official Announcement & What’s Next?

Yesterday, we posted on our Twitter that Collidalot is coming to Nintendo Switch. To our surprise, a couple of websites picked up on that and mentioned our announcement on and That was fun and exciting to notice yesterday. For anyone who wonders: Yes, we are launching Collidalot on Nintendo Switch later this year.

So what are we doing right now?

Matt is working on profile management, controller stuff, and bug fixes. He’s ensuring no one can delete active profiles and that the UI automatically sets up appropriately if there is no profile yet. For the controller, he’s making sure that syncing the controller to the console works as smoothly as possible in Collidalot and he’s fixing a few small bugs while he’s at it.

Connor is working on testing the game and making sure the AI is nice and polished. Tim is creating some box art and animations for upcoming videos and trailers. Andrew just finished building the trailer and we are pumped to unveil it next week! All the while, I am working on a few long-term strategies for the business, managing our social media pages (which are awesome and you should definitely check them out…hint hint), and continuing to spread the word about Collidalot!

Mostly everything is moving along as we expected, with only minor hiccups here and there but it feels like we are rounding the corner on having the game finished and ready for review by Nintendo of America shortly. Some more exciting stuff is currently in the works so stay tuned and we’ll let you know what our upcoming meetings lead to. Follow us on Twitter to never miss a beat about what we’re up to with Collidalot!


See You Soon,


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