Matthew VanCompernolle

mattvcI, Matthew VanCompernolle, am a proud botanist of the ridiculous video game ideas that take root in my mind. These ideas get plentiful nutrients and attention from Grunka Munka Games co-lead designer Andrew Ward and the rest of the team, allowing them to sprout into full, exciting projects. The largest of these is Collidalot, the most enjoyable thing I have ever had the pleasure of developing. My personal role on the team is lead programmer, where I use my years of programming experience to implement game mechanics and endlessly tune them for maximum fun and to create tools to assist the speed of development. I do not make things pretty however, so please refer to our amazing artists Adrian, Matt, Yasu, and Tim if something pleasing we have worked on has caught your eye. If you would like to talk about the technical stuff here at Grunka Munka Games or our gameplay design, feel free to contact me using the form below!

My GitHub: GitHub